On Wednesday’s We Wear Pink (Tutus)

My entire life I have always been two things: 1. super girly 2. obsessed with anything J.Crew. When I was a freshman in high school my friend Kyle even referred to me as J.Crew and later just Crew. The nickname did not stick, but the style preferences did. With that being said I was literally gasping for breath, overcome with excitement when J.Crew debuted their “tutu” – actually it’s a tulle ball skirt, but to me it is a tutu – on their website just over a week and a half ago.


The skirt is the epitome of my dream piece – light and breezy, dressy but also able to be dressed down, good for brunch or a wedding or a party or my day job as a middle school English teacher. Well, maybe most teachers wouldn’t wear it, but I would. I knew the moment I saw it, I just had to have it. The only problem: the ship date on online orders was late May, because the skirt is technically only in the pre-order phase. Luckily, long story short, on of my favorite Sales Associates, Emilio found ONE single skirt for me in Sarasota!


The skirt arrived last week, and I could not wait to share it with you. If you have not already pre-ordered this item, you have to. Obviously J.Crew is not sponsoring this post, but I just adore this skirt and I think it is the ideal item for anyone looking to spruce up their Spring wardrobe. This skirt is perfect for dress up, but as you can see I have opted for a more casual look. I am wearing the New Perfect Fit Tee from J.Crew as well. They featured the same pairing on their Instagram, however, the model is wearing a light pink tee, with white sneakers. I really think this item is an essential piece; something you cannot really go wrong with.

I have big plans for this skirt. My mind is already reeling about all of the outfit pairings I have for it. The pictures I have posted to the blog show the true essence of this skirt, as something you can wear with a big chunky necklace and bare feet and kick it on the couch. Or, you can pair it with sky high heels and pearls to hit the town. It is such a versatile piece. Stay tuned for more outfits; I have a feeling I won’t be able to put this skirt away this spring.

Until next time …

xo, Nicole


Skirt – J.Crew

Tee – J.Crew

Unfortunately, I could not find a suitable alternative for my necklace, which was an item from last summer. It is J.Crew. If I ever find another like it, I’ll make sure I update.


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