Three Friends & Family Favorites from Ann Taylor that you need for Spring

Today is the last day of Ann Taylor Friends and Family – meaning it’s the last day to score 40% off on some of pre-spring items that are in new collections. I personally love Ann Taylor; I know some people find it a bit more mature. I, however, am of the school of thought that anyone can wear anything if they make it their own. I own a ton of pieces from Ann that I can dress up or down or in anyway that I find appropriate. I refuse to subscribe to style stereotypes, I really think that that fashion is such a personal choice and each person is entitled to their own viewpoint.

Today I am sharing my top three items from Friends and Family that you need to go and grab before the sale runs out tonight!

1. Leaf Petal V-Neck Sweater Dress – I actually bought this dress in person, and I already wore it; so I can speak more to the feel and durability than I can for the other items that I have been scoping out and waited until the sale to order online. This dress is amazing. I am in love with bright and different colors. I love yellows, reds, oranges – and pretty much any other warm tone. I love to add a pop of color to the most basic of outfits to perk them up. This dress does just that. Last week I featured it on my Instagram in a very subtle way: with a denim jacket, a statement ring and Starbucks. The dress was anything but the focal point of the picture, but it added a lot of color to the shot and to the outfit in general. At work, I got a thousand compliments on the dress.

The only weird thing about the dress at first is the fabric. It is a little heavy. It’s a sweater dress, but it’s short sleeve. The dress is perfect for the pre-spring weather we are having, where it’s warm enough to wear a dress, but the temperature might not accommodate short sleeves or a sleeveless style. This dress looks great under a denim jacket, with scarf, or under a blazer. Just make sure you get used to the bulkier fabric. All in all it’s a favorite spring pick for me.


2. Flower Charm Statement Necklace – When I was in the store buying the dress, the Flower Charm statement necklace instantly caught my eye. It was gold – my favorite statement jewelry medal; it was huge, and it was not heavy. These things are what matter most to me when choosing statement jewelry. I always want to pick something that won’t weigh me down, catches the eye, and blends with my skin tone. Before the discount promo code is applied this necklace is on $89.50, which is already amazing. The quality matches some of my more expensive (read $200+) J.Crew statement jewelry, and you are getting it for such a bargain.

I love this necklace for a few reasons, but mostly because the flowers are a more neutral tone. I love how the tone can compliment my super pale skin and blend or accentuate the types of colors I am wearing. I would pair the blush tones of this necklace with a blush top if I wanted a more neutral look (I have linked a top from the Friends and Family sale here). But, I could also really make this necklace pop with a bright red top or something bolder (like this Friends and Family top linked here). There are so many options for this necklace, it really is $53.70 well spent! I cannot wait until it ships! This necklace also has matching earrings, which are linked here.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.49.57 PM.png

3. Erica Suede Bow Sandals – Oh my God. The second I saw the Erica Suede Bow Sandals I was hooked; so hooked I could hardly choose a color. These sandals are adorable. I generally love a high heel to be high, but these are more of a mid heel and they still are adorable. They did not have these shoes in store in my size, but there are two reviews online and both are 4 or 5 star and rate the shoes as true to size. I also talked to the girl in the store who urged me away from another heel and towards the Erica due to the fit and comfort. I’ll have to report back once they arrive regarding comfort and fit, but I have big dreams for these shoes. I feel like I am always attending a dozen weddings, so these are a great paring for almost any spring or summer event.

The shoes are suede, which sometimes feels like a weird fabric for shoes in the spring and summer, but let’s be honest last year I never thought I would be wearing velvet shoes and now I have at least three pairs. I bought the Erica in Paver Grey. I felt like it was the most neutral. Clearly, I love neutral pieces because I feel like they can tie any outfit together. I liked the Erica as opposed to they Demi Suede T-Strap (which I have linked here), because I don’t always love a T-Strap, but the Demi Suede were super cute and I was able to try those on. They are spot on for size and comfort. So if you’re not a fan of bows there is another option that falls under Friends and Family.

Screen Shot 2017-03-06 at 3.46.00 PM.png

All of the items mentioned are linked above so you can shop until your drop. There are lots of other great items but these are just the ones I could not go without purchasing. I cannot wait until some arrive so I can share some shots with you! Thanks for stopping by, and happy shopping.

xo, Nicole

The images of the shoes and necklace are directly from Ann Taylor’s website, visit their site to see more and shop these looks!

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