My New Miracle Polish

I’ll preface this post by saying that I am anything but someone who is satisfied with nude nail polish. Most of the time I waste $15-$30 on manicures by selecting the wrong nude polish for me or even worse I buy nude polish shades and never use them again. Up until yesterday every single polish actually appeared to be the wrong nude polish, but I think I have finally found the one I have been waiting for.

I’ll admit that I am passionate about basically every single person’s nude nail manicure aside from my own. I love the high gloss, high pink tones of Essie’s Sugar Daddy, the creamy shade of YSL’s No. 24 Rose Abstrait and the richer yet neutral tones of Montpelier Walk by Nails Inc; but something about those manicures on my own hands always winds up bothering me. Too often I find the polish is either too sheer or not sheer enough, it’s chalky or too opaque, or it makes the white of my nail appear tinged or tinted with a less flattering shade. Needless to say, I’m a manicurist’s nightmare.

I have actually gone in for a gel manicure, requested the best option possible for a neutral Shellac (Romantique with Beau on top for my Shellac loving readers) and had it removed hours later because the shade just didn’t work for me.

Alas! My search is finally over. I was perusing my local Ulta, when I found the new Essie Gel Couture Polish. I own a UV light, but I hate working with gel polish. It’s so thick and there is so much room for error. This polish stays like a gel but goes on exactly like regular polish, minus the base coat. There is no UV light or curing time.


There are five things that always happen to me when I polish that are totally avoidable with this new miracle polish from Essie:

1. A chip within a day: with this polish I am two days strong with no chips. This is completely miraculous because I am a middle school teacher who is also an OCD germaphobe. I wash my hands after every single class, before every meal, and any time I touch something that belongs to someone else. Yet I am still two days in (over 48 hours) with zero chips. I do dishes, clean my house with cleaning products every single day, and garden, so having a polish that has lasted this long is unheard of for me, aside from a professional gel manicure.

2. Sheet prints: I am guilty of deciding polish my nails at like 7:00 every single time and I force myself to bed on weeknights at 8:30. Naturally because my other polishes require an additional coat they take longer to dry so I get sheet prints in the middle of my nails, which I then have to fix and inevitably mess up an hour later all over again. This polish felt like it was real gel with an instant dry proponent. I actually did the dishes an hour later and my nails were completely dry. Say goodbye to dreadful sheet prints with this fabulous polish.

3. Dullness: I’m not a fan of matte anything, aside from some lipsticks but even still many matte products are too chalky and dull for me. I know some people love it; it’s just not always for me. Above all I avoid matte nail polish, but sometimes my regular manicures look more matte within 24 hours than I would prefer. The new Essie gel is shiny as ever. I was literally moving my hand around like a crazy person today because the polish is so shiny and reflective I’m literally not used to it. It’s like a first hour Shellac gel manicure, but the shininess actually lasts longer.

4. Off shade: I can’t speak to all Essie neutral colors but I purchased a shade called Fairy Tailor (weird, I know; so do my co-workers, we literally were super curious where that came from) and the topcoat. Fairy Tailor, regardless of the name is exactly what I was looking for. It adds just enough of a neutral shade to the nail bed that it keeps your white tip looking white and your nails looking beautifully bare. I noticed that color is build-able with this product as well. You can add layers to make it richer and denser – but that will probably add drying time. I have yet to feel like my nails look yellow or unnaturally pink at the top due to the hue of the nude shade.

5. Uneven application: I hate it when nails on one hand look different from the other hand or even worse when two fingers have a completely different application. This polish goes on so smooth, you never need to worry about varying thickness or opaqueness.


Fairy Tailor is super sheer, just for the record. I almost feel like my nails are naked, just with added tone and shine, and of course more protection. It’s my preference, but there are a few other awesome options in this collection such as Sheer Fantasy, which is more like an Essie Sugar Daddy pink. They also have a shade called Lace Me Up from the new ballet collection, which is less sheer and adds slightly more opaqueness. Regardless what shade you go with, you cannot go wrong with the longevity and beautiful wear you get out of this polish. You can forget about any of those five nail woes by just investing in this regular drugstore polish.

I love a nude nail look because it literally goes with anything. When you are super picky or OCD about your nail polish matching your outfit, as I am, you find yourself changing your polish around the clock. The right nude manicure looks polished, finished, and matches every single thing in your wardrobe. I find that nude nails are my professional go to look. When I have a district meeting, parent meeting, or when I interviewed for positions, I always stuck to a nude nail look. Nail polish can really tie together a look. I never go without polish and Fairy Tailor (I’ll get used to saying it at some point) gives me the perfect polished look.

There you have it, Essie has officially bottled gold and you can get it at CVS – does it get better? I have linked all of the polishes I have spoken about. Next week, I’ll be posting how to do the ideal home manicure! Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by.

xo, Nicole

This post was in no way sponsored by Essie. I pride myself in sharing my beauty and fashion finds coupled with honest opinions to those who read this blog in order to provide an authentic experience.



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