Spring Fashion Essentials

Yes, Spring has finally arrived and I could not be happier. There are many things I love about Spring and only one that I hate – the ever changing weather that totally confuses your wardrobe. This year was ultra weird because we had much warmer days in January and February {at least in D.C.} than we have had so far in March, but tomorrow is going to be 76 degrees and I am going to spend the entire day basking in the beauty of Washington’s Spring weather. I am going to the ZOPHIA Spring Fashion Show in NOMA and I could not be more excited. ZOPHIA is hosting the show in connection with Apollo DC and Refine to support Mission Launch, LLC. which helps intervene and help formerly incarcerated women find and sustain employment and prevent prison re-entry.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the Spring Essentials that I have in my closet to help anyone cope with the ever changing weather.

1.Steve Madden Velvet Booties – Oh my God. These Booties are amazing and totally cost efficient. I personally do not like to spend a ton of money on shoes {read: I do not own Loubitans because I walk to heavily, I literally destroy every pair of shoes I love. I once destroyed a pair of $400 Tory Bruch Flats just from how much I walked and stood on my feet at work, and I never went back. I hope to eventually be more gentle on my feet thought, but as teacher I don’t see it happening} so these are perfect because they are super stylish at a replaceable price. I love these shoes because they are fairly comfy – I walked all over D.C. in them several times, and the color is perfect.

I feel like pink and blush tones do not always have to match perfectly to still look great together. They blend in really nice with any skin tone, and it’s an added bonus that it’s basically white pants season! I love these booties with white pants and natural tones (as pictured below). I purchased these at DSW, which is linked above on, but you can also find them at Steve Madden stores and online. {I linked the Satin option as opposed to the velvet from Steve Madden}

These booties are perfect for any Spring weather. In the picture below they are being worn on a chilly 50 degree day with white denim and a long sleeve shirt, but tomorrow I am wearing them in 70 degree weather with an Anthropologie dress. I love pieces that are weather neutral, and these booties definitely cover those bases.


Denim Jacket – Shockingly, or not so shockingly actually, my favorite denim jacket is from J.Crew. I have a hatred for any blue denim on blue denim, so I’m not advocating for the old way of wearing a jean jacket. My denim jacket is the most versatile piece in my wardrobe; no exaggeration. This jacket is perfect for wear with dresses, white denim, dressier work pants, skirts and closes, and even joggers or leggings if you hopping on a plane. I love denim jackets because they can totally warm you up a little bit. I know it’s a slight exaggeration to call a jean item warm, but it’s nice to have a denim jacket for days when you are out strolling through your city and it’s warmer when the sun is out than it will be later when you are out to grab a drink or dinner with a friend. There are not that many cute versatile jackets {aside from blazers} than can carry an outfit through changing weather like a denim jacket.

Like my booties, jean jackets allow for all sorts of weather situations, but I would recommend only wearing them solo {without a heavier jacket over top, which can be annoying, because who likes that many layers?} if it’s warmer than 55 degrees or super sunny. My favorite look with denim jackets are bright colored dresses, as pictured below. I know you can’t see the whole look, but the pop of color on the yellow dress really makes the jacket stand out.

Here is another option from J.Crew on sale!


Striped Tops – We are definitely going to see a lot of J.Crew in the post {as always;} I can’t help that J.Crew has such a great Spring Collection. Every season I have a love for stripes. Stripes keep it preppy and refined, but also allow for the additives of serious accessorizing. I like classic looks, and stripes are definitely classic no matter how they come; however these Perfect Fit T-shirts from J.Crew are all the more amazing. I love the longer sleeve and the form fitting style. These tops look cute tucked in or worn out. They are also 30% off online right now!

These  tops are slightly different from the other items because they definitely have a season where they work and where they don’t. You can always wear these under a jacket, like the denim jacket picture above {I’ll will photograph a look like that next week} but they are cutest alone. So I would wear these on warmer weather days or on cooler weather days with a blazer. They are just so springy though, so I only want to wear them with it’s sunny and nice outside!


Ripped Denim – Everyone loves a good ripped jean! Or they did in high school! I was actually super scared to purchase a pair of ripped denim because I thought it would go against most of my principles and goals to always looks refined, but it can definitely be done correctly. I do not always advocate for wearing ripped jeans, but this pair from American Eagle is super cute. The rips to intentional and pair well with a relaxed outfit, as pictured both above and below. What I like most about this denim is that it is more like a jegging material than a true denim. Sometimes the real denim I wore in high school was so hard and constructed of actual denim that it hurt to wear after a while. These jeans are nice and soft, which makes wearing them a great weekend go to. {I am wearing a size 0 Regular and I am 5″5 and 120 lbs}

My wear recommendation for these doesn’t matter as much about the weather, as the venue. These are not wear to work jeans. They are also, in my opinion not cold wintery day jeans. I think in order to wear destructed denim well people have Spring skin {read: lotion-ed, shaved, ready to be seen} and it’s not fun to have visible goosebumps if it’s 28 degrees out and you’re wearing these.

unnamed (1).jpg

Neck Scarves – Ever since I watched Grease, I have adored Neck Scarves, but rarely in my life have they been fashionably appropriate. That has changed, thanks to Ann Taylor and whoever else said it was okay again {truth: no one should have to say what’s in style, I should have been wearing these for years.} I am so happy these are being sold again and this one actually has an adorable horse print on it. Click the link to see it completely!

These are totally super warm Spring weather items, and not Summer items. I would not want to sweat on my beautiful silk Neck Scarf and I don’t think you would either so be careful when you wear them! They also will not keep you warm unlike other bulkier scarves. Silk is such a cold fabric, so wear accordingly.


White Denim – Again, J.Crew knocked it out of the park with these High Rise Skinnies. I love high waisted Denim, in my opinion they are more comfortable and fit better. I the low rise jeans of my youth more and more each time I purchase this exact pair in various shades from J.crew. I love white denim, and I am of the less popular school that it is seasonless. I do not often wear white denim in the fall, but when I do I think it looks radiant next to the bright autumn shades of red and burnt orange. But, most of all I love white denim with pastel shades, something one only gets to enjoy in the Spring and Summer. White denim is one of my favorite Spring pieces, because it’s almost too warm to wear it in the Summer. I get all of my wearing out usually before July heat rolls in. The best thing about it is that it goes with everything, but the high waisted makes it super great to wear with a cute crop top or open-back top.

No weather recommendation for these! Wear them in January, break the age old “After Memorial Day Before Labor Day Stigma!” {I am wearing a size 0 Regular and am 5″5 and 120 lbs}


Loafers – I already posted about these gold loafers before, but they are too great not to include. I love these loafers because they are so comfy it’s like wearing slippers, but way more fashionable. I didn’t even need to break these in and they were super affordable at under $200! These dress up every outfit and are great if you work on your feet. I have also linked this pair of loafers, which is a more traditional {not gold and sparkly} pair!

These are warmer weather shoes, because they do not provide much coverage, so plenty of your foot is exposed. They do cover more than most ballet flats though! I love them with white denim or regular denim, but I personally do not like them with bare leg outfits, like skirts or dresses.


Sorry I have been out of touch recently! I have been super sick this week and it was crazy because it was report cards week at work. I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’m so glad you stopped by. I will be posting more this weekend about the ZOPHIA fashion show tomorrow and my day in the city!

xo, Nicole


Shop all of my looks by clicking the blue links on each item! This post is not sponsored in any way shape or form, just my honest opinions about products I purchased!


One thought on “Spring Fashion Essentials

  1. Thoroughly enjoyed your Springtime blog. So glad to hear you have a favorite pair of white denim also. Can’t wait for your next blog. xo


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