The Most Sought After Spring Trend: One Shoulder Tops

Ah! It feels great to be back to blogging. I took an unexpected break when I had poor wifi connectivity and cell service on a recent work trip to Huntsville, and then came home super sick! This is one of the craziest times of the year as a teacher, with the upcoming state assessments and the end of the school year activities. All in all, I’m just glad to be back in action. This past weekend was Easter and I am so excited to share my latest look with you!


I love this look because it is the perfect blend of casual, with a twinge of formality to it. We are low key Easter people. We sat on our deck overlooking the lake and grilled steaks, with Utley our Golden Retriever. I love holidays that are relaxing and spent at home. It’s so much more enjoyable for me than rushing around going from place to place. I didn’t really need much more than a pair of jeans and cute top for my Easter celebration.

This year I was super excited because we got baby ducks! They are so stinking adorable. We got them because we have the lake in our backyard and a lot of room for them to roam. Our lake already has geese and swans, so it seemed like a nice fit. The brought a lot of joy to our Easter holiday and were super good for their first photoshoot.


My top is from J.Crew, it is linked at the bottom of the post. I love it because it has the amazing ruffled look that everyone is loving so much right now. It also has a cute cut out pattern, but it’s lined with a nude sheath. I paired my outfit with J.Crew denim, with a slight (natural) distressed look. I love the one shoulder tops, and they are totally a new staple for everyone’s closet. They are perfect for all occasions.

I know one shoulder tops are not new in the fashion world – I had one from Limited Too in 7th grade; I was equally obsessed and wore it to a school dance. I’ve just never had one quite as amazing as this one. This trend is definitely back in swing for Spring, and it completely makes sense. I could not believe how much this top dressed up my over-worn denim and my Dolce Vita sandals.

These sandals are super comfy by the way. I could have an entire post dedicated to my love for them. I have worn them to work every single day this week, just based upon the sheer comfort level. Another plus: comfortable shoes are rarely this stylish. I had no period of time where I had to break the shoes in or work to make them more comfortable.



I’m so excited to be back. I’m so excited to share the rest of my Spring Trends with all of you! Thanks for stopping by! Make sure you check out the individual pieces of my look with the links below.

xo, Nicole


Top – J.Crew (I am wearing a 00 and it was a little bit big on the side, I usually wear and extra small) // Denim – J.Crew // Shoes – Dolce Vita

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