Ladies Who Brunch

I love brunch more than anything in the world. And, I treat my birthday as if it were a national holiday – trust me, it’s called three-cake-day for a reason in my house. So, once a year my favorite two things collide and thus the elusive Birthday Brunch is born. I don’t know exactly why each of these things brings me such personal joy, it’s just how it is. I have always been a brunch girl, which is half of the reason I knew I should become a D.C. girl. My first time here I experienced a D.C. brunch, and I have never looked back. Where else do people get so dressed up to pay $80 to eat scrambled eggs and feel like they are getting a deal because there was a free Bloody Mary included!? Nowhere else. D.C. has always been the place for me.


But on the most sacred occasions, such as a twenty-sixth birthday {you only turn twenty-six once in your life, as I reminded my boyfriend this morning}, brunch must be hosted at The Lafayette at the Hay Adams. There is no place in the world like it. The Hay Adams is my favorite place in all of D.C. The Top of the Hay is exquisite and overlooks the White House and St. John’s Chapel for private events and special occasion brunches {Mother’s Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc …}


The Lafayette Restaurant downstairs does “regular” Sunday brunch and nothing about it is actually “regular.” The appetizer buffet is amazing. They have a zillion appetizer selections that are incredible and you have unlimited access from start to finish. There is also a dessert buffet bar, which I did not have the energy to photograph after power-eating and drinking. To answer your next question, yes, all drinks are included. You also get an actual entree, which is order table side and made fresh. The options range from lobster omelet, filet mignon, crab cake benedict, among other delicious options. The price is prefix so it really does not matter what you order, which is an added benefit of not having to think about any of it – aside from what you’ll have next!

We love to visit the Hay Adams for our birthdays the service is completely unparalleled. If you’re ever in the area and looking for Sunday brunch, it is a must! It’s not yet my real birthday, so I’ll definitely be Instagramming about three-cake-day, but I could not resist sharing these photos from today’s festivities.


Thanks for stopping by! Cheers!

xo, Nicole

Brunch Menu – The Hay Adams Lafayette Restaurant 

Dress – Custom Made // Shoes – Banana Republic // Necklace – J.Crew {my necklace is 30% off right now with code: BIGSALE}



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